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    At Payroll Services for Small Business our team will help guide you through all your business operation processes that we legally can. We are able to also provide unexpected emergency or urgent small business payroll services from human resources to employee benefits services to ensure that your employee and companies concerns are satisfied immediately throughout our regular business hours. When it comes to an emergency situation, you are going to have peace of mind that professionals are assisting you very quickly and skillfully.

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    We are committed to making sure you are cared for at all times. Listed below is a small overview of the small business support service we offer in order to help you understand precisely what our company provides and what we are able to do for you and your companies operations.

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    Payroll Service

    For most organizations, there comes a point when properly maintaining payroll in-house is no longer feasible. Reaching that point can be different from company to company depending on the growth phase they are in, expansion plans, and overall business objectives.

    Even with a few employees, it can be extremely difficult to comply with the paperwork, taxes, and other burdens required of businesses today. At Payroll Services for Small Business, we strive to make it easier. We help lighten the load for over a half million small businesses, so owners can fully dedicate themselves to their vision for the company.


    Help protect what you’ve worked so hard to build

    A natural disaster, cyber attack, or just one personal liability claim can wipe out a business, especially one that has recently begun operations. With Payroll Services for Small Business Insurance Agency, you can help minimize that risk and protect you and your business. We make obtaining business insurance quick and easy. As your business insurance agency, our licensed agents will shop and compare policies. You don’t have to speak with several agents or compare confusing proposals with no guidance on what kind of plan makes sense for your business.

    Protect your assets with commercial property insurance from top carriers

    Your physical assets can be some of your most valuable investments. Letting them go unprotected from damages resulting from fires, accidents, theft, or other events is a risk you just can’t afford. Help guard your business against the unexpected with a commercial property insurance policy.

    Help ensure your business’s survival

    The right business property insurance policy can help your business carry on in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic human error.

    Improve your loan eligibility

    Many lenders require businesses to carry commercial property insurance to qualify for a loan.

    Reap tax benefits

    Commercial property insurance is tax-deductible, so you can write off the expense while you protect your property.

    Payroll Services for Small Business Insurance Agency offers workers’ compensation insurance plans from A-rated national carriers, while our integrated workers’ compensation payment service gives you smarter, more cost-effective ways to manage your policy and improve your cash flow.

    Protect your cars with commercial auto coverage

    If your business uses vehicles, whether they’re owned by the company or by you or your employees, it’s important — and often required — to carry commercial auto insurance because your personal auto policy will likely not cover substantial damage or loss. If your business relies on a single vehicle or maintains a corporate fleet, the licensed agents at Payroll Services for Small Business Insurance Agency make it easy to obtain the commercial vehicle insurance you need, at a price that works for you.

    Help shield your business from the unknown with general liability insurance

    You never think it will happen to your business … until it does. Even one lawsuit for something your company did, or didn’t do, that resulted in bodily injury or property damage to someone else could overwhelm your cash flow and put you out of business. Don’t take that risk — help protect what you’ve worked so hard to build with a general liability (GL) policy from the professionals at Payroll Services for Small Business Insurance Agency.

    General liability insurance can help cover a variety of accident-related expenses — helping ensure your business’s survival.

    The right general liability policy can help prevent the need to sell assets to cover the expense of legal fees or judgments against your business.

    Depending on your industry, some customers may require you to carry commercial liability insurance in order to get their business. Payroll Services for Small Business match your insurance to your needs

    Our licensed agents will shop and compare policies. You don’t have to deal with multiple brokers and policies. Payroll Services for Small Business Insurance Agency partners with many of the country’s highest-rated providers to help match you with general liability insurance policies to meet your coverage needs at a premium that works for you.

    Our ultimate objective is to make sure every single person, big or small possesses a healthy and well balanced company operating procedure.

    How Much Does Payroll Service Cost? Typical costs: A basic payroll service averages $0.80-$2.00 per check, plus a base account fee which varies depending on the frequency of payroll periods, while options such as tax filing and direct deposit can add $4-$9 per payroll period, according to .

    Learn how payroll deductions can lower your personal income tax in Payroll Deductions Pay Off.) Any business with employees is required to withhold payroll taxes from employees’ paychecks and to pay applicable federal, state and local taxes. … (Proper bookkeeping is essential for small businesses

    The Best Payroll Services for Small Business: The Most Popular

    • Gusto. …
    • Intuit QuickBooks Payroll. …
    • Square Payroll. …
    • Paychex. …
    • ADP.
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