Employee benefits

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Fuel recruiting and maintain a productive workforce with easy-to-manage employee benefits

In a tight labor market, it’s increasingly difficult to attract qualified candidates. It can be even harder to convince your top performers to stay. Offering employee benefits can give your business an edge when competing for top talent. When you work with Payroll Services for Small Business employee benefits services, you’ll gain access to the most desired benefits — including retirement, section 125 plans, and group and individual health insurance. Best of all, they’re surprisingly simple to implement and manage through our integrated technology-and-service platform.

Save for the future and enjoy easy plan management for you and your employees

It’s no secret — American workers are delaying retirement because they haven’t saved enough over the years. At Payroll Services for Small Business Retirement Services, our goal is to help America’s businesses prepare their valued employees for a dignified retirement.

We’re committed to delivering unbiased, quality retirement solutions, paired with exceptional service to ensure plans run smoothly.  We’ll help you start a 401(k) plan, or switch a current retirement plan to Payroll Services for Small Business— with the expertise and the flexibility to partner with sole proprietors to corporations of all sizes.

Let us help guide you every step of the way – from your first meeting through the life of your plan.

  • Ease of plan selection and management

    Be confident you are managing a plan that’s right for your employees. Payroll Services for Small Business handles the details with bundled recordkeeping and administration services, including plan documentation, form preparation, compliance testing and more.

  • Choice of plan design and investment options

    Customizable and scalable, a 401(k) plan from Payroll Services for Small Business offers many plan design options to meet your company’s requirements, as well as investment options. We also offer guidance through retirement planning.

  • Individual health insurance

    Find the right individual health insurance for you and your dependents


    You are more than your business. You’re the sum of your experiences: your likes, your dislikes, and your influence on others. So why settle for an individual health insurance policy that isn’t based on what works for you and your employees who aren’t covered by a group plan? It’s that simple. The licensed agents of the Payroll Services for Small Business Insurance Agency focus on what’s important for you and your employees and then help you find an appropriate individual insurance plan for you and your employees.


    Acknowledged as one of the nation’s top agencies, Payroll Services for Small Business Insurance Agency works with national and regional carriers to help you find the group medical, dental, vision, life, and short- and long-term disability plans that best fit your business and your employees.

  • Service at every step

    Highly trained  retirement specialists will be there to offer expertise from signup to setup to ongoing plan support. Mobile self-service is also always available.

  • Help your employees meet their financial goals

    Employee financial stress is a hidden expense in every company. Payroll Services for Small Business is here  to provide your employees peace of mind, which can positively impact your bottom line. Payroll Services for Small Business offers a comprehensive financial wellness employee benefit that has a variety of tools and educational resources to assist employees in meeting their financial goals.