Human Resources

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Turn your human resources department into a strategy center that is focused on building culture, improving productivity and staying ahead of workforce shifts. Payroll Services for Small Business provides Human Resources management services for where you are and where you’re going

HR is becoming increasingly complex, and no two businesses are facing the exact same challenges. That’s why Payroll Services for small business gives you choice when it comes to HR services. So whether you’re an HR professional looking to streamline administrative tasks so you can focus on more strategic work, or a business owner needing more comprehensive outsourced HR management services, our unique combination of powerful HR technology and expert support can help you achieve your goals.

Payroll Services for small business and their human resources program has the technology that empowers organizations to do more. It spans the entire employee life cycle, provides insight to your workforce and drives performance.


  • Efficient HR administration

    Develop your workforce and gain insights for better business decisions. All your HR information is securely housed in a single database, fueling in-context analytics throughout the platform.


  • Custom HR support for your business needs

    Gain the peace of mind that comes with support from highly trained HR professionals. Whatever your needs, we offer a service level to meet them — whether it’s a quick answer about a job description or new regulation, or a dedicated HR professional who helps you create an HR program for your company.

  • Essential compliance services

    Better understand your obligations under applicable employment-related laws and regulations such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, workers’ compensation insurance, OSHA guidelines, state unemployment insurance, COBRA, and more.

  • Learning management system

    Training and development are the keys to motivating, engaging, and retaining employees. Besides instructor-led training from an HR Professional included in Payroll Services for Small Business HR Solutions and PEO, our learning management system (LMS) gives your company access to a catalog of online courses, as well as the ability to incorporate your existing trainings and create your own custom courses, videos, quizzes, and reminders.