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The accompanying press release dated august 25, 2020 contains non-GAAP financial … we are using a long-term non-GAAP tax rate of 23% for fiscal 2019 and fiscal 2020. This long-term non-GAAP …

Seventy-five percent of the extension of the unemployment benefit will be paid out of the federal disaster fund, leaving the other 25 percent to … Trump’s abrogation of the payroll tax.

Even with rider coupons near all … profitability with 20% to 25% fewer rides, than what was required, when we first put out our Q4 2021 target, back in October of 2019. This is a further …

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As we have said many times before, the larger proportion of revenue coming from our service … it’s off 10% plus. And I think the same in Vancouver, we’re still off sort of 10-plus percent.

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