We are a masters in hiring services

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We are a masters in hiring services

Hire top talent and make a strong first impression

The quality and character of the people you hire will help determine the direction your organization will take for years to come. That’s why we work hard to ensure you have the right hiring solutions in place to help make your process as efficient and effective as possible.

The hiring services and technology that Payroll Services for Small Business offers can help you recruit the best fit and hard-to-find candidates, uncover important information about potential employees, and take some of the stress out of welcoming new hires.

Expand and improve your hiring processes, all while connecting your new employees in an engaging and positive manner.

More than 60% of applicants will start an online application but leave without finishing it. And there’s a whole lot more who never see your ad to begin with. It’s difficult to attract and hire talented people, but Payroll Services for Small Business improves the process, and provides real results.

  • Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

    Untangle your complex hiring processes. With the right hiring technology, service, and expertise, you can cut paperwork and shorten the hiring cycle, from job openings to listings, screening, reporting, and onboarding.

    Once you have chosen the right candidate, the program allows you to bring your new hires onboard, successfully. With the paperless, organized workflow, your new hires enter all information, complete forms, and prepare for their new career.

    Getting new hires immediately connected to your company in a streamlined, positive process is important to building your team and improving performance for your business.

  • Employee Screening, Background Checks and Onboarding

    Our hiring services quickly and thoroughly screen job candidates to help you avoid potential theft, fraud, litigation, and other threats to your employees and your peace of mind. Help new hires complete necessary forms and get acquainted with your company’s policies and culture so their job starts smoothly from day one.


    What happens when you have a question? You’ll get answers where and when you need them from our 24/7 Dedicated Service Center or an optional HR professional familiar with your business.